For my first real blog post, I am going to discuss an article that I read for another class. This was actually quite an interesting article so I wanted to discuss my opinion on it, plus it is relevant to this week.

So, yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11. The article I read was an analysis of how the media, and in particular, TV helped us to ‘return to normal’ after 9/11. The author was a lot more cynical than I am and thought that they replayed the footage to much and she thought that most people weren’t hearing the whole story. I partially agree, but mostly disagree as I think that TV returning to normal really did help a nation who was completely rocked feel OK about being happy again. In the week after 9/11 it was like the whole world was on pause, with no planes in the air, no news about anything else going on besides what was happening in New York, and no one wanting to move on from the tragedy. There was obvious reason for that of course. But, when TV finally decided to be funny again and talk about other things, I believe that it was the first step to what our ‘new normal’ would look like. I think the media was mostly very respectful to the victims and the NY on the whole. The coverage of 9/11 is a whole other topic.

But, I think that TV was used for good after 9/11 to help a mourning nation realize that we will be OK and that we are stronger than the enemy. TV coming back and dealing with 9/11 on TV shows such as Oprah and West Wing just helped us to really sort of, get back on our feet and realize that it will be OK to start the healing process.

I also wanted to post a link to my previous blog, it was for a journalism class I took at another college. Its kind of AP style 101, but I still like to look back at it sometimes because it was a pretty interesting class:

Have a good night 🙂