I saw this video linked in a tweet

I thought it was very clever and funny. It is basically Jennifer Aniston poking fun at herself. Later on in the day I saw this Tweet

The PRNews blogger basically said that there are a zillion other important things going on and said that celebrities are the Americans number one weakness yet he complements Smart Water and Jennifer Aniston for poking fun at herself. So, in my blog I just wanted to answer the tweet in a few more than 140 characters by saying that I do not think that the video was tacky, I thought it was funny and gutsy of Jennifer Aniston to do. I applaud SmartWater for their creativity and I think that this Ad works because, while it is fake and made up, it is still a giant A-List celebrity poking fun at our fascination with her in a creative, amusing way.

And with that, I just wanted to share 1 more very cool Tweet I saw. It’s not school related at all but, still touching and worth sharing anyway.