For my Comm 438 Class, Public Relations Cases and Campaigns, we are doing a group PR project for the NorthStar Commuter Rail. It is an exciting project that, I think will look nice on a resume. So, I am going to explain the whole trip from the very beginning, because I want to document it, and also because it will help me to remember better for my project.

7:00 am: Woke up, got ready and left the house by 7:30 to make it on the NorthStar Rail Fridley station by 7:52 am. The Fridley station was empty and for our trip there was only 4 people including our instructor, Lisa Heinrich.

8:10am: Made it to the Twins stadium by 8:10, we had an awesome awesome exclusive tour of the Twins Stadium with the communications director, Chris Iles. Here are some pics:

This picture was taken from the press box at the Twins Stadium, that is Anthony LaPanta down there!

This is the room where they do the press conferences from

10:00am: We all got together as a class and got coffee, and decided what to do from there, half the class stayed back and played pool at Brothers, and some of us had lunch with Lisa and got lost in the skyways. We definitely felt like tourists touring the big city, because we could not find our way through those skyways.

1:30pm: After finding our way through the skyways, doing a little shopping, and having some lunch at Keys Cafe half of the class went to another PR firm, Russel Herder. We met with Brian Herder, the creative director and he showed us the place. It was a quick trip, because at 2 we were going to Carmichael Lynch Spong. We hopped in a cab, and made it there by 2:05

2:05pm: We met with a lady at Carmichael Lynch Spong, a PR and Advertising agency with offices here in MN and in New York, and she gave us a tour of the building. This is in the front entry way at Carmichael Lynch Spong

So is Bigfoot. Carmichael Lynch Spong does the advertising for Jack Links and they wanted to incorporate all of their clients in some way to their building, so this is their homage to Jack Links.

After the tour, we met with the president of Carmichael Lynch Spong, Doug Spong for about an hour and talked about all kinds of things from job hunts, to bad PR. It was really neat.

3:57 pm: Back on the lightrail and headed back to Fridley MN. It would have been a $3 trip, but the kind folks at the NorthStar Commuter Rail gave us free tickets, which we didnt know we had to put our voucher in on the trip up so, I still have 1. Oops.. learning curve right?

4:10 pm: Back to Fridley, made it right on time!

All in all it was a very interesting and exciting day because we got to  meet top executives at PR firms, and see what really goes on at PR Firms, it really just makes me that much more excited to graduate in December and gives me that much more drive. It was good to really ride the rail so we can get a sense of what it is really like to be able to do our project. I am excited to get started on it, which sounds completely crazy- but these PR classes just make me excited for my major. Totally nerdy- I know.