For my blog today, I wanted to comment on Lance Armstrong and how he decided to step down from LiveStrong.

Lance Armstrong is facing a PR disaster. I actually feel sorry for the guy because, he is going to be remembered for doping rather than all of the good he has accomplished. I think it was wise of him to step down from LiveStrong because that way their image won’t be tarnished by his actions.

However,  have read articles about how his teammates were also doping. So, his titles are going to be taken away but who will they give them to? I pose this question because, it sounds like more people were doping than just Lance Armstrong- the second and third place winners were too. So, where will they have to go then? They cheated too, just not as well. And who, aside from the few reports, is talking about his teammates doping?

Lets remember that he is a cancer survivor, and he has donated millions of dollars to charity before we hang him out to dry for using steroids. Lets also remember that he created charity companies as well.

I hope his publicity team can handle this quickly and effectively because it would be a shame for everyone to remember him as the guy who was doping rather than the guy who started a tremendously effective charity. I do applaud his PR team for responding quickly and giving the whole story rather than shy away. It is bad that he lied about it and denied the allegations and than was found guilty later, but I am going to assume here that he didn’t think he would get caught.

So- lets remember Lance Armstrong as an athlete and a contributor to charitable donations rather than a terrible cheating doper. I cannot imagine the wrath that his twitter followers are giving him!