According to an article I recently read PR Reps get no respect. And this I know, is true. The article discusses why it is hard and why it gets no respect.

According to the article, PR gets no respect because:

No scale-can’t decide how successful a PR campaign is. (When is it unsuccessful?)

Bad rep with journalists- PR reps overloaded them with information

and last- You can’t put lipstick on a pig- if something looks bad the public perceives it as bad.

But, social media, the article explains, is helping to bring it back by:

More human communication

Scale PR to influencers and you can promote articles

Public relations now has meaningful data to influence big decisions  by tracking mentions through social media, you can figure out how to make your company look better.

I think that this article is very cynical, I think that PR can be successful and while I see the points this author makes, I think that good PR basically doesn’t look like PR at all. I would assert that good PR just looks like corporate responsibility.

I also, don’t like the idea that I am getting into a profession that is disrespected. That part really bothers me because, I think PR is a great communication tool.

I know that PR is still either negatively viewed or misunderstood often times, when I explain that I am a PR major most of my family says, “and what will you do with a PR degree?” and I say, “hopefully PR.” Woe is me. I know things will change for PR professionals in the future, and it will be a more respected, and understood career as it evolves.