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Ok, so I graduate this semester, that is, if everything goes as planned. I have had some really awesome professors in my long, lovely list of professors. I started out at Anoka-Ramsey Community college. So, I’m going to start out with my three favorite professors there, and they are my favorites for different reasons- but they all left a positive mark on my educational path. These are in no particular order by the way.

Thomas Hanson

He is a sociology professor, and if I remember correctly, his sociology class is my very first college class ever. I loved it. I knew as a freshmen that I wanted more of it, it is my minor. He made class interesting, he could have made it boring but he told stories about himself and he really truly made the class interesting. I took another class with him, ‘Sociology of Relationships, Family, and Marriage.’ Again- super interesting class, learned a lot and retained it. Read some great books, the kind of books you get assigned to read that you actually want to read. His classes changed my perceptions about death, social class, and  of course- society.

Tesha Christensen

I took JOUR2121 with her, here at SCSCU its COMM 241 Media Writing. Anyways, this class was an eye opener. It was my introduction to AP Style, I thought I was a great fantastic writer.. and than I took her class and I realized I needed to step up my game. It was a great introduction of what I had in store for me here at SCSU and I didnt even know it. I was so annoyed about the class at the time, and now I realized that I learned a lot. Her assignments, her blog and her comments helped me to become a better writer, and it showed me the door to Mass Comm that I was so mystified about before.

Christina Sonnek

She was my math teacher. I am not good at math. I’ll admit I took her twice, the first time I took her class I got a D so I had to retake her class. She was very understanding, very helpful, she helped me to understand math better. She made my arch-nemesis (algebra) not look so scary. She was also very nice.

So, than onto my lovely professors here at SCSU. Now that I’ve given a ‘Rate my’ review of professors at AR. Also, these people are not in any particular order. I’ll also admit, kind of embarassing, I wanted to go to SCSU since I was a junior in high school (I dont know why exactly, maybe cause my uncles went here) so for me, getting into the mass comm program and being here was just really exciting for me. I’m sure that is not how it is for everyone. I just look at this school in a whole different perspective.

Peter Pryztula

Ok, hardest and most rewarding classes I have taken here at SCSU were with this guy. Principles and Theories of Public Relations was crazy hard and I was at the edge of my seat wondering if I would pass BUT- I learned so much. I dont think its possible for anyone who has taken that class to walk away saying, ‘I didnt learn a thing.” His project was hard, but again so rewarding to finish it and Peter is very helpful through all steps of the project. All you have to do is schedule an appointment and he will help you very much. I am pretty sure I would have never passed had I never gone to his office.

Steve Philion

He teaches sociology, I took social theory with him. He is also my minor advisor. His class was also pretty hard, the final paper is like, a minnimum of 12 pages about social theorists. Not easy- trust me! One day he came to class and spoke chinese for ten minutes.. plus he was only wearing one sock we were all like, ‘uhh what?’ He did it to talk about social norms. Pretty interesting guy in my opinion, also very down to earth. He had this awesome policy that you could email him your paper to get help on it up until like, a week before the deadline. Of course, I never did that but, that is an awesome policy.

Lisa Heinrich

Ok, I’ll admit.. maybe I am just biased because I am taking 2 of her classes at once this semester and I am highly interested in the topics. But, Lisa is great. She is so down to earth understanding, and helpful. All of that said, she is still looking for good writing. I have learned a lot from her comments on my papers, she is also helping me to be a better writer. Our field trip to mpls was also awesome, and I took so much out of it. She makes class interesting.

So, there you have it! Of course there are other great professors I have taken but these are just my greatest hits professors.


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